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2019 Marine Corps Tankers Association Scholarship Program
For eligible qualified dependents of Marine Corps Tankers  and dependents of military members who served in a Marine Corps Tank Battalion, it's time to apply for Academic Year 2019. Dependents, including spouses , children, and up to grandson or daughter of a Marine Tanker may apply. The applicant may also be an active duty or reserve Marine Tanker or Marine in another occupational specialty serving with a Marine Tank Unit. Applicants must be a graduation high school senior or a full time student , with at least 12 units in an accredited junior college, 4-year college, or university. The application process is comprehensive and all interested applicants should begin as soon as possible. The process, including an application form, an essay, evaluation of full-time student status, official school status,official school transcript,two letters of recommendation, extracurricular/school activities and "need" are evaluated by committee. Scholarship winners and notifications of awards will be done during April and May 2019. Applicants receiving 2018 and earlier Marine Corps Tankers Association  (MCTA) Scholarships may apply for continuation  for 2019 . Each subsequent application must be new and complete. Applications for continued awards should emphasize achievement since the previous application and will be evaluated on its merits with all applications submitted. Recipients may apply for up to four years of scholarships. Each year requires all basic qualifications  and a complete reapplication. MCTA Scholarships represent a significant financial benefit. Applicants are encouraged to compile the best application possible. Accuracy, legibility, and composition that reflect the merit of the applicant are important in the evaluation process. The application forms and all program eligibility requirement can be downloaded from this web site at the links  provided at the bottom of the page. Complete applications must be received by the Chairman, MCTA Scholarship Committee no later than March 15, 2019

Application packages can be mailed to the Chairman, MCTA Scholarship Committee, C/O Dan Miller  8212 W 4th Pl, Kennewick, Wa 99336. Please send transcripts and letters under separate correspondence or with the application package in their original sealed envelopes. Be sure to provide complete contact information with your mailing address, best telephone number and email address. 
The number of scholarships to be awarded in 2019 will be based on Marine Corps Tankers Foundation revenues and sustaining contributions. MCTA members and parties interested in contributing the Scholarship Fund or obtaining more information about the MCTA Scholarship Program are invited to contact Dan Miller, Chairman of the Scholarship Program at the email address provided. Congratulations to our 2018 scholarship winners. Information about those recipients is provided below. Be sure to renew your application: succeed in school and keep in touch. Again, this year, the MCTA and all marine Tankers extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Greg LiCalzi and his entire family and their "Ace in the Hold" Foundation for their generous support of the MCTA Scholarship Program.

MCTA Scholarship Program Award Winners

The Marine Corps Tankers Association Scholarship Program continues for 2018 as a core activity of the Marine Corps Tankers Association. The 2018 MCTA First Lieutenant Michael LiCalzi Memorial Scholarship and the John Cornelius, Max English memorial Scholarship attracted 27 exceptional young men and women. The number of applicants increased by 12 from the previous year. The quality of applicants for 2018 can only be described as exceptional. This year, as in the past 5 years, the exceptional generosity of the LiCalzi Family's Ace in the Hole Foundation, enabled the award of 8 scholarships in memory of 1stLt Michael LiCalzi. 1stLt Michael LiCalzi heroically gave his life in combat in Iraq, along with the crew of his M1A1 tank. Mr Glen LiCalzi, Michael's twin brother, established the scholarship in his brother's memory. As it has since 2014, the 1stLt Michael LiCalzi Scholarship provides a $3000 stipend to exceptionally well qualified college bound and university students who are dependents of Marine tankers. This year, eight outstanding applicants were selected for the 1stLt Michael LiCalzi memorial Scholarship. Each winning applicant will receive $3000 dollars. Five applications were selected for the John Cornelius-Max English Scholarship. Each of those scholarship winners will receive a $2000 stipend.

Scholarship Winners Biographies
Allison DeCicco-(LiCalzi Scholarship)
Allison DeCicco is from Wildermere Florida. She is the daughter of a Tanker with 8th Tank Bn. A top performer in high school, finishing 12th in a class of 684. She was selectedd for her first 1stLt Michael LiCalzi Scholarship in 2016. She enrolled in George Washington University where she continued to demonstrate excellence with a 3.4 grade point average in an exceptionally challenging mathemetics and engineering curriculum. She is pursuing a degree in computer science and hope for a career in cyber security. In addition to her demanding major, she is a member of her University Division 1 Water Polo Team. She continues as a volunteer with the Washington nationals Dream Foundation, assisting small children in difficult circumstances. She continues to volunteer for the YMCA and the Smthsonian Childrens Outreach. She continues to be an exceptional young woman and an outstanding student, dedicated to educational goals and to the others less fortunate. She embodies the spirit of the First Lieutenant Michael LiCalzi and is a credit to the Marine Corps Tankers.
Caitlyn Sigafose- (LiCalzi Scholarship)
Caitlyn resides in Hubert NC, the daughter of a career tanker serving at Ft. Knox, Ky. She will graduate from Swansboro High School in June 2018 with a GPA of 3.99, ranking seventh in her class. Her high school career includes class vice president in each of her four years, year book editor during her junior and senior years, President off the Rho Kapa National Honor Society, senior year. She is also the Varsity Soccer Team Captain 2017/18. She was recognized as a Scholar-Athlete each of her four years in high school. When all the advanced placement and honors classes are considered, her weight GPAis 4.99. When not earning "A's" she volunteers with Top Soccer, a program to coach autistic children, and Fishstrong, a program that assists the terminally ill.She plan to attend the university of North Carolina, Chapple Hill, and study Political Science with an eventual goal to graduate from law school.There seems no doubt that she will succeed. Caitlyn is an unusually determined and capable young woman who embodies the spirit of the 1stLt Michael LiCalzi Foundation. She is a credit to the Marine Corps Tankers Association.
Darius Mattson- (LiCalzi Scholarship)
Darius resides in Va. Beach. Son of a career Marine Tanker. He will graduate Ocean Lakes High School in June 2017 with a 4.0 cumulative grade point average. He was selected for the 1stLt Michael LiCalzi Scholarship Award. He enrolled in Virginia Polytech Institute where his academic excellence continues with a 4.0 grade point average. Majoring in theroretical physics, he made the Dean's List in his first semester. He pplans to continue to his PHD. In his first year, he has been recognized by the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. His exceptional academic performance continues to be matched by selfless volunteer involvement with the intervarsity Campus ministries and the Triedstone Church. He is third degree Karate Black Belt , and accomplished Black Belt in Goshen Jitsu and an active collegiate intarmural sports. He continues his academic record of never receiving a grade lower than A. He is a gifted, dedicated, achievement oriented young man who embodies the spirit of 1stLt Michael LiCalzi. He is a credit to the Marine Corps Tankers.
Emma Bodisch- (LiCalzi Scholarship)
Emma resides in Killeen, Tx, the daughter of a career Marine Tanker who served in the 1st and 2nd tank battalions. She will graduate from Copperas Love High School in June 2018 with a 4.0 grade point average, ranking #1 in her class of 479. Her academic record is replete with honors, advanced placement, and college level courses. She is member of the National Honor Society, years 2016-17-18. Since 2015, she has led her team at the Central Texas National Honor Day competitions. In 2017, the team, under her leadership, finished second place in the National Championship. She has accumulated over 320 volunteer hours with the Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica 2015- present, which serves disabled students, and Advocates of Anferney (2016-present) which assists families wiht still born children and infant deaths. She plans to enroll in the University of Texas, Austyn, and study international relations. Her ultimate eductional goal is to graduate from top law school, earn a Juris Doctor Degree and practice law. Emma is an exceptional scholar with a record replete with achievement, service and excellence. She embodies the spirit of 1stLt Michael LiCalzi and is a credit to the Marine Corps Tankers.
Katherine Slaughter- (LiCalzi Scholarship)
Katherine resides in O'Fallon, and is attending the University of Alabama. She continued the GPS of 4.0 through her first 2 years in college. This scholarship represents her third award. She is an elementary education major and plans to teach exceptional needs children. She is a 3rd year member of the UNiversity of Alabama Honors College, and the University Presidents List. She is a volunteer at the Alabama Institute for the Deaf abd Blind Preschool, a YMCA Lifeguard, children's swimming instructor and swimming team coach. In her spare time, she works as a waitress. Katherine reports her passion for teaching special needs children and her desire to make a difference in children's lives. Her record of dedication, achievement, and excellence leaves little doubt succeed. She truly represents the spirit and dedication meriting the award of the 1stLt Michael LiCalzi Scholarship award.
Sophia Pappas- (LiCalzi Scholarship)
Sophia resides in Binghamton, NY and is the daughter of a Marine who served with the 8th Tank Battalion. She will graduate from the Susquehanna Valley High School in June with a 4.0 GPA. She is ranked 17th of 144 students in her class. She has been a member of the National Honor Society 2016-18. She plans to graduate from Binghamton University with degrees in mathematics and chemistry. She is a varsity softball pitcher, a NY/Mid-Atlantic Champion archer, and a varsity table tennis player. She was named her high school female Athlete of the Year for 2017. She was on the 1st Team All-State softball team 2015-17. When not earning A's or winning championships, she volunteers with the American Heart Walk Organization, the Binghamton Children's Discovery Center, and is an active contributor to her church. Sophia seems to be the ideal combination of scholarship,athletics, and service. She is and exceptional woman who sets lofty goals and achieves them. Her drive and dedication to excellence embody the spirit of 1stLt Michael LiCalzi. She is a credit to the Marine Corps Tankers.
Lauren Austin- (English/Cornelius Memorial Scholarship)
Lauren is from Newfane, NY, and is the daughter of a Marine Tanker from the 8th Tank Battalion. She is a junior enrolled at Niagara University. Lauren compliments as exceptional high school career replete wiht achievements in academics, atheletics, and extracurricular participation wiht three years on her University Deans List. She has achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.65 in a demanding pre-law program. Her plans include law schooland a career as an attorney. Active in many aspects of caampus life, including the Niagara University Pre-Law Student Association, peer mentor for incoming law students, Law Enforcement Academy intern and research assistant. She is active in school soccer. She continues a record of dedication, persistence, and achievement. She is a credit to the Marine Corps Tankers Association and certainly deserving of this scholarship.
Beatrice Fretwell- (English/Cornelius Memorial Scholarship)
Beatrice is from Sneads Ferry, NC. She is the daughter of a Marine Tanker from the 4th Tank Battalion. she is a senior at Dixon High School and will graduate June 2018 wiht a cumulative 3.9 GPA. IN the fall, she will attend the University of North Carolina at Pembroke where she plans a major in biology. Her goal is to be commissioned in Naval Medicine and physical therapy. In high school, Beatrice has been a perennial member of the school honor roll and was selected as an all conference- all state soccer player. She also competes in varsity track and cross country. She hope to play collegiate soccer. She is an exceptional student athlete with lofty goals and the persistence and dedication to be successful. She is an outstanding representative for the MCTA Scholarship Program.
Rebecca Alvarenga- (English/Cornelius Memorial Scholarship)
Rebecca resides in San Pedro Ca. She is the daughter of a Marine Tanker from D Co, 1st Tank Battalion. She graduated from San Pedro High School, Marine Science Magnet in June 2018; finishing 81st out of 539 seniors. She achieved a 3.9 GPA. She aims to attend the University of California- Santa Cruz or Santa Barbara in the fall where she will study environmental science. In addition to being recognized as a Gold Seal Bearer, California Scholarship Federation, she was a member of the varsity water polo and volleyball teams. She founded the San Pedro High School "Roots and Shoot", a school athletic support program. She is active in the YMCA Youth and Government Program. Rebecca is a dedicated and achievement oriented young woman and is a credit to the MCTA Scholarship Program.
James Stopa- (English/Cornelius Memorial Scholarship)
James lives in Fredericksburg Va.and is the son of a Marine Tanker serving at 2nd Tank Battalion. Jim graduated from Massaponax High School in June 2018. Academically, he ranked 80 in a class of 450, earning a cumulative GPA of 3.9. In addition to being a member of the National Honor Society and being recognized for 4 years of academic excellence, he also payed football, baseball, and played in the high school band. Additionall, he worked as a lifeguard. When not busy participating in high school academics and sports, he assisted with Special Olympics, volunteered for the Fredericksburg Food Pantry and during his high school years, mentored kids at the Semper Fi Kids Camp. Jim is an idel combination of academics, athletics, and service. He embodies the principles of the MCTA Scholarship Program.

How to Apply for Scholarship
Complete the Application (pages 3 and 4) and mail the application along with all of your supporting documentation listed in the Application.  You may add additional pages if necessary.  Entire packet must be postmarked no later than March 15th. 
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