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Marine Corps Tanker's Association (MCTA)

Once again, I send my greeting and condolences to my brothers, sister and all of the Marines and Sailors who comprised our Marine Corps Tank Battalions.  It is a sad era for all of us who cherished our roles as Tankers and those MOSs that made the Battalions function.  Wish I could tell you I understand why we went away except to tell you we follow the direction from our Leaders, agree or not.  I believe now, we need the Marine Corps Tankers Association more than ever before.  

Why join? MCTA is special!

MCTA membership is inclusive of ALL Marine tankers and those that have served in Marine tank organizations regardless of their era of service; WWII, Korea, Vietnam, SW Asia, and everything in between right up to the last 1811/12. Between the MCTA Fb page and this web site. we provide a forum for Marine tankers to reignite old friendships, locate “lost” buddies and share memories and pictures from their Marine careers. This is also a place where tankers can keep up with past and current events about tanks and other armor.

Because our membership comes from across the Marine tanker experience, our attendees spend much of their time at the reunions sharing stories about how much tanking has changed but really just how much is the same. It is also a time for the wives to get together to compare their stories as well as take in some of the local scenery.

So- what really do you get for your 30 bucks annual membership?

-Being a member of an organization that includes all Marine tankers(and their families) who have served in truly every “climb and place” and the stories and experiences that they bring to the table to share.

-Access to attend our organized reunions with banquets, guest speakers , special priced lodging, and events & excursions featuring many places and tours not generally offered to the public.

– A quarterly “hard copy” newsletter with features stories from inside and outside the organization.

And… Access to apply for our scholarship programs.

Our newsletter

Newsletter Issue 2 2018

MCTA MARINE CORPS TANKERS ASSOCIATION USMC Ground MOS Awards Tanker Crew 2017 TIGERCOMP Winning Crew – 1st Tk Bn LtCol Charles Montgomery, CO 4th Tanks,

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Newsletter Issue 1 2018

MCTA MARINE CORPS TANKERS ASSOCIATION “Red” Saunders’ “Golden Tee” President’s Message Even losing those we cherish, our Association must continue to move out at a

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Newsletter Issue 1 2017

MCTA MARINE CORPS TANKERS ASSOCIATION MCTA Reunion 2016 Fort Benning, Georgia President’s Message A Belated Happy Birthday & Happy New Year To Our Marine Corps

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